Sticks and Stones may break my bones… but Words CAN be the best Gifts to find

We’ve all had days that we wished would end sooner or start over.  The moments you think, “what am I doing here?”  And then you find a passage or a note and suddenly your heart feels lighter, is singing a lovely song and doing the happy dance.

Last year, still newly a stay at home Mom, I would take my youngest on nature walks while my other two kids were at school.  Typically this would be a fabulous time for me to crochet in the car while the baby took a nap, but sometimes it would just be too pretty outside to let the day go by

wseek out beautyithout playing a game I liked to call “seek out beauty”.  This was my way of letting go of any stress or anxiety that might be building up and just looking for the good stuff to remind me of the bigger picture.  I took great pleasure in my little game and posted several of my findings on my personal Instagram account (sharing one of my favorites here).

So today has greeted me with some anxiety filled moments.  I can’t say that I was handling them in the best light, but then I stumbled upon an amazing Mom blog (through one of the Facebook groups I am on) and she absolutely took my breath away with her gift of words.  The ^ mostly Mindful Mommy, Ms. Katy, speaks with great eloquence about “Be Happier Today by Asking Yourself These 3 Questions.”   (I highly recommend reading this entry of hers!)

So with these 3 questions in my mind I began to relax and remind myself of the beauty that I had so much fun seeking out before in my “game”.  Suddenly the bigger picture came into view and I no longer felt the anxiety of before because of one person’s words.  Now of course, all the issues I was facing didn’t just melt away; but I chose to receive the gift that was presented to me and look at things differently.

Now I want to pay this gift forward!  One of the ways is by sharing Katy’s inspiring words with all of you here but the other way is by writing 3 personal notes (and of course I know the perfect blank note cards from JPRitz Photography with ‘sights of the summer seashells’ that I have been dying to use!)  One note I’m writing to someone I recently met that has helped me to change my thinking in monumental ways.  Another I am writing to a life long friend who always inspires me to dream bigger and work harder.  And the last I plan to write out a simple “Thank you” and gift it to someone that I cross paths with in the next few days that really touches me with their kindness (towards me or someone else I witness them being caring to).

Remember- words are powerful tools that everyone has at their disposal, use them with grace and kindness…. “Gift them”.


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